Miami Heat Show Vulnerability in Game 5 Win Over Indiana Pacers

Posted on May 31, 2013 – 00:00

Talk about a back-and-forth series! The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have traded games throughout the Eastern Conference Finals and the defending champs took a 3-2 lead as the series shifts back to Indiana for Game 6.

LeBron James outscored the entire Pacers team 16-13 in the third quarter to give the Heat a boost after a lackluster first half and then some questionable calls allowed Miami to pull away. After the whole flopping fiasco in Game 4, is anyone surprised?

Indiana played well, but foul trouble kept George Hill out for much of the second half and that proved very costly for the Pacers on offense. If the blue and gold can play well on offense at home, there will be a Game 7, but it’s tough to win in Miami.

The strangest part was the Heat looking like the Cleveland Cavaliers when LeBron played for his hometown team in that he carried the squad throughout the second half and especially in the third quarter. The self-named King even said as much after the game. It’s one thing that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are both injured, but Miami looked very shaky in the contest considering it was a one-man show with LeBron for basically the entire second half. The Heat may get by the Pacers in this series, but LeBron will have a hard time beating the San Antonio Spurs single-handedly in the NBA Finals.


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Leap Day Docket

2008-02-29 10:01:05 by Original_Dengsta

Indiana at Toronto
Toronto - Can't call the Pacers inconsistent, 11-18 both at home and on the road. Raptors go for the 4 game season sweep tonight, then play 8 of their next 10 on the road.
NY Knicks at Atlanta
Atlanta - Indicative of a favorable remaining schedule, this is only the first chance of four the Hawks have to beat the Knicks before the playoffs.
Charlotte at ... than that.
Philadelphia at Golden State
Golden State - Philly's been playing really well lately. Part easy schedule, but some good wins too... schedule gets tough for them starting now.
LA Lakers at Portland
Lakers - They have the refs on their side. ;)
Miami at Seattle
Seattle - I am going to go with this to give the team a sold out crowd and a lift tonight.

Ben Gordon Birthday Docket

2008-04-04 10:28:51 by Original_Dengsta

Charlotte at Toronto
Toronto - Raps going for 3 of 4 on the year vs the Cats and can use it to avoid slipping to drawing the Pistons in the first round.
Philadelphia at Atlanta
Philadelphia - Both these teams playing their best at the right time of the year and Philly clinches the post season in a year nobody thought they would with a win tonight.
NY Knicks at New Orleans... the Lakers have a virtual 1/2 game with the head2head.
Dallas at LA Lakers
Dallas - Gimpy Dirk looked less gimpy than gimpy Pau. Maybe gimpy Elton will be in attendance late after watching gimpy Gil and gimpy Jermaine in the early games.
Houston at Seattle
Houston - Sonics have a very good chance at losing their last 7 games to punctuate this season with an 11 game skid.

Flannery O'Connor B-Day Docket

2008-03-25 09:57:03 by Original_Dengsta

New Orleans at Indiana
New Orleans - Along a home loss to the Minny, the New Orleans loss at home to Indiana stands as their larges blemish on their charmed season. They've taken revenge on the Wolves and tonight get to set things right with the Pacers.
San Antonio at Orlando
Orlando - Magic started the season looking more deadly on the road than at home, have now turned that a... Utah
Utah - Utah's (league best) four home losses read like a whoswho of title contenders... Lakers, Boston, Houston and errmmm, Portland.
Washington at Portland
Washington - Too hard to pick Portland after they lose to the Sonics last night... perhaps they are just trying to keep their rivals from getting the #1 pick. Washington's been winning, and winning good games at that.

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